Professional aerial hoop sling/spanset is a safe solution for hanging an aerial hoop. The aerial hoop is an indispensable element of aerial training.

This product offered CirqFIT is a stiff belt made of polyester. It is filled with fibers with a special weave, thanks to which these slings are characterized by maximum strength. Aerial hoop slings make it possible to securely and safely fix the aerial hoop to the ceiling. They are also pleasant to touch.

Product features

  • Sheathing material: polyester Filling material
  • length: 1 meter (other lengths on request)
  • safety factor 7: 1

The available colors correspond to the maximum safe load. These are respectively:

  • purple (1000 kg)
  • green (2000 kg)
  • yellow (3000 kg)
  • gray (4000 kg)

The aforementioned safety factor means that the gray sling (4,000 kg) breaks at 28,000 kg. That's as much as 28 tons of load. Therefore, we recommend choosing a sling with a max. load 1000-2000 kg. The slings offered in our store meet all safety standards, and also have a declaration of compliance.

If you need slings with a length other than the standard 1 meter, please CONTACT US . We are able to make any length on request.

Aerial Sling/Spanset

Color (Load Strength)

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