The DIA (Do It All) Adjustable Hip Band from Revel Athletix is your new go-to band for all of your hip and shoulder strength and flexibility needs.

This band is 3.25”wide and 38” long. The inner circle can be adjusted from 18” down to just 7.5” for any exercise imaginable!

The DIA Band sports an updated version of our non-slip inside rings, so the band will stay put and be ultra comfortable against your skin, even during the most intense plyometric movements.

This band comes with its very own small mesh protective carrying bag that keeps it compact and portable. Weighing in at less than .5 pounds, this is a must for your gym bag!


    • Clean Hip Bands by hand wash and air dry away from direct sunlight and heat.

    It’s very important to not overstretch the bands. Typically users will want to keep the resistance high- awesome for you! However, bands get pulled further than how the bands were designed to be. When bands are overstretched, small tears in the latex, which eventually causes them to snap. If you feel that your resistance band has already become loose, or feel you need more resistance, take a look at our site and treat yourself to a higher resistance band. Using the appropriate resistance means less frustration and less tears!