Cobalt (15-35lbs)

  • 13mm = .5”

  • Two-tone colored durable 100% latex

  • No white powder residue 

  • Built-to-last, bands made to not peel after heavy use.

  • Best used for:

    • Beginner

      • Shoulder mobilization

      • Added resistance to barbell biceps and triceps exercises

      • Hip stabilizers in lateral movements

    • Advanced

      • Last bit of assistance for muscle up, iron X, Front and Back lever and planche before full body weight.

      • Explosive rotational exercises to stabilize.

      • Increase power, speed and core integration.


Trainer Use:

    • Add to bench press/squats to replace chains for load variation (2 sets needed for squats)

    • Add resistance to kettlebell swings

    • Shoulder mobilization exercises to alleviate Tech-neck when incorporated


  • Proper maintenance is a critical aspect to ensure safe and proper function.

    • Clean bands by wiping with a damp cloth. Wipe both inside and outer side on a regular basis.
    • Do not use soap or any cleaning products to clean bands as these can deteriorate the strength of the band.
    • Avoid storing bands near direct sunlight
    • Keep stored bands away from heat sources
    • Bands should not be stored outside or in cold environments
    • Inspect band before every use for damage

    It’s very important to not overstretch the bands. Typically users will want to keep the resistance high- awesome for you! However, bands get pulled further than how the bands were designed to be. When bands are overstretched, small tears in the latex, which eventually causes them to snap. If you feel that your resistance band has already become loose, or feel you need more resistance, take a look at our site and treat yourself to a higher resistance band. Using the appropriate resistance means less frustration and less tears!